A black adidas kit bag was left in B106 during Tuesday’s TfL. If it is yours, could you please collect asap!

Many thanks, Mrs Scott.

Christmas Fayre

Can all year 12 students please meet Miss Squires during lesson 5 if you don't have a lesson. If you do, please seek permission to leave by 2.40pm to set up the Christmas fayre in the hall.


Mrs Scott

Adios Mr Roth!

As you all know Mr Roth is leaving Newport High School on Friday to become Head of KS 3 in Marbella Academy. I would like to ask as many KS5 students as possible to attend TfL on Thursday in B1:06, so we can say a personal THANK-YOU to Mr Roth for all his dedication and hard work for all students in KS5.
Mrs Nelson

Collaboration Buses

Dear all,
There will be no collaboration buses on Friday 16th December, therefore all collaboration lessons have been cancelled.
Mrs Nelson

Work Experience

A reminder from Ms Butcher that all Yr 12 work experience forms need to be with her by Friday 16th December.

NUS Cards

NUS cards have arrived for:

Abby Greenhaf
Sarah Crowley

Please collect your cards from the library.

School photos

Photos ready to collect from the school library:

Lisa Mansfield
Xantia Salamanca-Robins
Connor Lingard

Year 12 Parents Evening

On Wednesday 7th December we will be holding our Year 12 Parents Evening at the Christchurch Centre from 4:30-7:30pm. Students are requested to make appointments with all their subject teachers to discuss progress this term with parents. Staff from all collaboration schools will be in attendance and available for appointments.
We look forward to seeing you there.

Mrs Gemma Nelson
Assistant Headteacher
Head of KS5

Health and Social Care

Mrs Scott will not be in school on Friday, all students have been set work which is due in soon!
Mrs Nelson

Respurces for Rocks

Hi all

On the shared network drive, in the Btec Applied Science folder, there are x3 PDFs to back up the Rocks topic.


NUS cards

NUS cards have arrived for Holly Goldsworthy and Abby Greenhaf. Please collect form the Library.

New Bus Timetables from 21st November

The collaboration bus timetable will be changing on MONDAY 21st NOVEMBER please check below carefully
Mrs Nelson

Bus Number 9

Picking up from Bassaleg, St Julians and Duffryn / dropping off at St Julians, Duffryn and Newport High.
Operated by Edwards.

Bassaleg/St Josephs/Duffryn/Newport High


Bus Number 10

Picking up from Newport High, Nash and Duffryn / dropping off at Nash, Duffryn and St Julians.
Operated by Edwards.

Newport High/Nash/Duffryn/St Josephs

Bus Number 11

Picking up from Newport High, Duffryn and St Josephs / dropping off at Duffryn, St Josephs and Bassaleg.
Operated by New Adventure.

Newport High/Duffryn/St Josephs/Bassaleg

Bus Number 12

Picking up from Bassaleg and Nash / dropping off at Nash and Newport High.
Operated by New Adventure.



Bus Number 5

Picking up from Hartridge and Newport High / dropping off at Newport High and Hartridge.
Operated by Monmouthshire County Council.

Hartridge/Newport High/Hartridge


Year 12 Applied Scienc (GPG)

COSHH Regulations 2002
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

You will need to log in using the login below to access the haz cards and risk assessments
                username : lithium
                password  : b3x2w4n7

BSI website – standard procedures

Attendance to TFL Sessions

This is a reminder that you are expected to attend a minimum of two TFL sessions a week. This is part of your Learning Agreement with the school and for EMA.

A significant number of students have not been attending. They will not be paid EMA and parents will be notified.